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How Xero makes bookkeeping easy for your business

Bookkeeping is probably not top of anyone's list of business tasks. But the process of recording your sales, invoices, bills and expenses into your finance system is a necessary evil of running any business.

So, wouldn't it be great if you could cut down the time you spend on bookkeeping and free up more time to focus on actually running and growing your business?

This is where Xero's cloud-based accounting software offers the perfect bookkeeping solution.

Saving you time

Bookkeeping takes time. And the thing that takes the most time is the actual process of entering all that data into your systems – whether it's into a simple spreadsheet or a full-blown accounting solution.

Xero is beautiful accounting software that's been designed specifically for small businesses. It's simple to use and works online on any device – so you're not tied to your desk and your financial data is accessible wherever you are, at any time.

By partnering Xero with an intelligent data management solution, like Receipt Bank, we can drastically reduce the time you spend on data entry.

With Xero, you can:

  • Scan in your hard-copy paperwork, invoices and receipts
  • Upload your spreadsheet data and other finance information
  • Pull all this data and financial information straight into your Xero ledger
  • Show all your numbers in the right accounts, all in the one package, and totally up to date

A better view of your finances

Saving time isn't the only advantage of cloud bookkeeping. Aside from improving the speed and efficiency of your bookkeeping, Xero also helps you to get a much better view of your business's finances.

Getting data into your accounting software is just the start of the finance process. With your historical financial info sat in your ledger, you can start using the reporting, invoicing and payment functions of Xero to look at the overall health of your business.

Xero gives you:

  • A clear dashboard showing your balances, outstanding invoices and aged debts
  • Reports that delve deeper into your cash flow, debtor tracking, sales figures etc
  • Online invoicing and payment options, so you get paid faster and improve your overall cash flow
  • Budgeting tools so you can set targets and stick to them

A more efficient way to run your business

We believe Xero is an incredibly efficient way to run your business. It gets your bookkeeping done quickly and effectively. And it gives you a brilliantly informed view of your financial performance and the health of the business.

So, now's the time to try Xero, forget about data entry and free up your time to really focus on the future of your business.

Find out more on our website about how Bespoke and Xero are the perfect combination for your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Drop us a line to arrange a meeting where we can talk how Xero meets the specific bookkeeping needs of your business.