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All Inclusive Support Packages

Xeinadin Bespoke Accounting offer a diverse and extensive array of support. Our experienced team are ready to support you. We’re only a small team, we don’t work with everyone and anyone – but when you are the right fit, we’ll be there to provide all the support you need.

No two businesses are the same and our support pakages reflect this. It is the only way to achieve optimum organisation, efficiency, customer loyalty and cost effectiveness.

"This was my first full tax year as a sole trader and I needed to get my tax return done quickly in order to complete a mortgage in principle. As you can imagine moving house and doing taxes is pretty stressful but Bob and Karen helped to make the process smooth and seamless. I couldn’t be more grateful for the efforts they put in. Our mortgage was accepted and we had the offer on our dream home accepted. 
Bob and the team have also set me up with Xero for the new financial year, they’re helping me to improve my processes and streamline my accounts. I’m excited to see the difference it will make going forward!"

Samantha Groves - Design & Digital | Gab Marketing

Our Support Packages

In simple terms, one all inclusive monthly fee covers all the services that you need to run your business - including access to our team for support.

With Bespoke Ensurance you, the business owner, process all the transactions on Xero and we do everything else. With Bespoke Financial Management we do it all for you

For ultimate support, Bespoke CFO includes the Chief Financial Officer function.

And don't worry if you need a one-off project, such as bringing your records up to date and setting up Xero. This can be provided for an agreed one-off fee.

The level of your monthly fee depends upon the size of the business - starting from a business with turnover below the VAT threshold. This will be discussed at our first meeting and the correct level of fee agreed.

Bespoke CFO

Bespoke CFO provides the ultimate level of support. In addition to all the support available with Bespoke Financial Management, we will act as your Chief Financial Officer reporting directly to the board of directors and attending board meetings. We will interpret the financial data produced by the accounting systems and advice on (amongst other things) budgets, forecasts and KPI's.

Bespoke Financial Management

This is a complete support service providing End to End Accounting - utilising the power of Xero and its apps to provide complete accounting from sales to cash, purchases to payments, and records to reports.

Bespoke Ensurance

This is our most popular option.  It’s for busy business owners who want us to save time and make life easier. Some of the key things you benefit from are valuable quarterly reports to help you manage your business, general advice and complete peace of mind.

The entrepreneurs guide to transforming profits through price

Business owners often ask us, “Why can I not increase my profit?” 

The most important thing to remember is that profit is a result. It is a number that is the difference between income and costs. So to change the number that represents profit, you have to change income and/or costs. 

There is a tendency to focus on reducing costs. It is a good idea to eliminate waste and make your expenditure as productive as possible. But there is a finite limit to how much this will increase profits. For example, if you reduce down to working on your own from home then there are no further savings to be made – and so no further potential to increase your profit. 

On the other hand, if you focus on increasing income, there is no limit to amount by which profits can be increased. 
There are many factors behind your sales or turnover figure. The number of customers, number of transactions per customer and the frequency of transactions all influence your turnover. However, you may have heard before that turnover is vanity – profit is sanity. 

So you don’t just need to increase the level of income. You need to ensure that, for every sale and every fee that you charge for your services, you are getting the best price you possibly can in order to maximise your profits. 

Sign up for your free copy of “The entrepreneurs guide to transforming profits through price” to learn more about pricing to maximise your profits.

"After building Bob’s website I decided to talk to him about my accounts and I am now pleased to be a customer of his. As my business is still very new, I am always looking to learn more about building my business and understanding pricing strategies. When I told Bob I was struggling with pricing he was extremely supportive and recommended I build a menu of pricing based on different tiered offerings. I went away and created different menus for specific services and not only does this now save me a lot of time when sending out quotes, but I have had multiple new customers choose the top package within the first few days of using them! "

Samantha Groves - Design & Digital | Gab Marketing

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