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Business owners often ask us, “Why can I not increase my profit?” 

The most important thing to remember is that profit is a result. It is a number that is the difference between income and costs. So to change the number that represents profit, you have to change income and/or costs. 

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"After building Bob’s website I decided to talk to him about my accounts and I am now pleased to be a customer of his. As my business is still very new, I am always looking to learn more about building my business and understanding pricing strategies. When I told Bob I was struggling with pricing he was extremely supportive and recommended I build a menu of pricing based on different tiered offerings. I went away and created different menus for specific services and not only does this now save me a lot of time when sending out quotes, but I have had multiple new customers choose the top package within the first few days of using them! "

Samantha Groves - Design & Digital | Gab Marketing