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Builders Merchants

As is the case with all industries, there are pros and cons associated with operating in the building sector. Builders will always be in high demand, which in turn means that builder merchants will always be needed too. Because builders’ products and supplies are always required, competition in this industry is fierce and you need to stand out from the competition.

We can help you to achieve this. Our bespoke online accounting solutions are completely tailored to suit your business. We will ensure you reach optimum organisational levels, with the likes of stock control and credit control services. This in turn will make your business more efficient and increase customer loyalty.

Payroll – Dissatisfaction can arise when payroll errors are made. By managing payroll electronically there is less chance of this occurring. Benefit from ultimate ease and effectiveness.
Cash flow forecasting – You can seriously halter growth and damage the success of your business if you do not handle your cash flow effectively. We will ensure you have a firm grip on your daily finances, bills and expenses by automating cash flow.
Credit control – Stay on top of your credit with our service. This gives you the perfect platform for financial security, which is vital in terms of business growth.
Card payment facilities – Relying on cheques nowadays is a risky move to make. Instead, accept card payments from your clients with our card payment facilities.
Budgeting and profit projections – As you operate in a timeless business sector, it is even more important to stay ahead of the game with budget and profit projections. You will reap the rewards in the future.
Management reporting with Key Performance Indicators – Measure how well your strategy has been implemented and ensure you are achieving your strategic goals.
Stock control – Running out of materials or tools can be extremely damaging for any builder merchant. Make sure this never happens by keeping track of your stock and orders online with our help.
Health and safety – Abiding by health sand safety regulations is of paramount importance in this industry sector. We will make sure you have an effective health and safety system in place.