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Coffee Shops

Coffee shops and eateries are the backbone of the independent British high street.

But reviewing your daily takings, balancing your books and dealing with your employee payroll are all elements that can make managing your shop a challenge in a competitive market.

Putting Xero's cloud accounting software at the heart of your business is the solution to this problem. Using Xero and a bespoke system of Xero Apps, we make it easy as pie for your eatery to take payments, track your overheads and get the overview you need of your costs and profits. Here's how it works...

Xero online accounting

Xero online accounting is the most convenient and efficient way to manage your finances.

You have 24/7 online access to your important numbers and a financial platform that integrates perfectly with your tills and your front-end sales.

Xero Apps

Xero Apps are software solutions that help you tailor your shop's business systems.

There are tools for managing your stock levels, keeping on top of your shop's cash flow or plug-ins that allow you to take card payments straight from an iPad.

Getting paid

People love the convenience of contactless card payments or paying using their smartphone.

With one of the many point of sale (POS) Add-ons available for Xero, you can turn your tablet or phone into a card reader, and pull your sales straight into your accounts.

Boosting cash flow

Having Xero as your financial hub really does bring your shop's accounts to life for you.

See your running costs and revenues and get real control over your spending, income and cash-flow situation.

Running payroll

With part-time and seasonal staff, running your eatery's payroll can become complex.

Xero has payroll built in, all linked through to your main accounts. Pay your staff, your tax and NI with a button click.

Paying tax

Dealing with corporation tax and VAT can be a challenge for a busy coffee shop or restaurant.

With your data already in Xero, we can make sure you're paying the right tax and meeting your all of your compliance deadlines.

A better view of your profits

When you're running a busy coffee shop or eatery, it's important to have the best possible overview of your takings, your regular costs and the business's underlying cash flow.

That's why Xero is the perfect solution for giving you a constant, real-time view of your key numbers.