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Electrical Contractors

The good news is that electrical contractors will always be in demand. After all, you offer a service that is always going to be needed. The bad news is that competition can be fierce because of this.

One thing you need to do to give your business the best chance of success is achieve optimal levels of organisation and efficiency. We can help you to achieve this. Take advantage of our bespoke online management systems and soar ahead of the competition.

The benefits of our online accounting solutions for electrical contractors

Payroll – Ensure your employees and sub-contractors' payroll is handled with ease. Our online system makes certain that there are fewer margins for human error.
Cash flow forecasting – We will automate your cash flow to ensure you have a much firmer grip on your daily finances. Inefficient handling of cash flow can be extremely damaging to a business's success.
Credit control – If you don't stay on top of your credit you can put your business in a highly risky position. We will make sure this does not happen so that you reach optimal financial security.
Card payment facilities – Accept card payments from your customers and eliminate the hassle associated with paying by cheque.
• Budgeting and profit projections– Budgeting and profit projections are vital for any businesses, especially one that operates in a timeless sector, such as electrical contractors. If you stay ahead of the game now you will certainly reap the rewards in the future.
Management reporting with Key Performance Indicators – We can help you to gain a competitive advantage by measuring the achievement of strategy implementation and making better management decisions.
Construction Industry Scheme –This includes verification of subcontractors and monthly reports.
Project management – Effective project management keeps your customers happy. No more unnecessary delays!
Stock control – Is there anything more frustrating than running out of tools and materials? Make sure this doesn't happen again by tracking your stock and orders online with our help.
Health and safety – There is nothing more damaging for electrical contractors than failing to abide by health and safety regulations. We will put an effective health and safety system in place that will make all of the difference.