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Electronics & Computer Stores

Technology has taken over. New gadgets are being released all of the time and computers are central to almost everything we do. For you to capitalise on this you need to standout from others in your industry.

Bespoke Accountants can help you to do this. We develop bespoke online accounts systems that are ideal for your business requirements specifically. We will ensure your business is more organised and efficient, which will improve customer loyalty and profit levels.

The benefits of our online accounting solutions for electronics and computer stores

Payroll – Manage your employees' payroll electronically to ensure that everything is handled correctly and there are fewer margins for human error.
Cash flow forecasting – All businesses need to stay on top of their cash flow if they are to succeed. We give you the perfect platform to do so by automating your cash flow to ensure you have a firm grip on your daily expenses.
Credit control – Nothing can be as damaging as falling behind on your credit. We will make sure this does not happen so that you benefit from ultimate financial security, which will give you a great platform for growth.
Card payment facilities – We'd all love for our customers to pay in cash, but it rarely happens these days. Our card payment facilities ensure you can take payment from a wide scope of debit and credit cards.
Budgeting and profit projections – In business you can't merely think of the here and now, you need to plan for the future if you are to reap maximum profit potential.
Management reporting with Key Performance Indicators – Achieve your goals and improve management decision making.
Point of Sales systems – Ensure sales are conducted effectively, whilst analysing sales data, maintaining sales history and more.
Stock control across multi outlets – Never run out of products by keeping track of your stock and orders effectively.
Customer loyalty programmes – Improve customer loyalty with the various programmes we have in place. Repeat business is of paramount importance in this sector.
Sales discounts – Sales and discounts can offer an excellent way of increased exposure and enhanced profits, but only if they are done correctly.