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Fashion Boutiques

New fashion boutiques are cropping up all of the time. Competition is fierce. Having a strong brand identity and solid marketing campaign are essential components if you are to stand out from the competition.However, you will never excel if you don’t have strong foundations in place when it comes to organisation and efficiency. Customer loyalty is vital in such an industry, which is why you need a winning accounts system so you can focus on doing what you do best and ensuring your fashion boutique is a leading one in the sector.

The benefits of our online accounting solutions for fashion boutiques

  • Payroll – With our online system, managing your employees' payroll is easy and there are fewer margins for human error.
  • Cash flow forecasting – Get a firm grip on your daily finances with cash flow forecasting. Your bills and expenses will be handled with ease thanks to our automated service.
  • Credit control – Optimum financial security is imperative for growth. Our service ensures you stay on top of your credit.
  • Card payment facilities – Nowadays most customers will pay via debit or credit card. We ensure you are able to accept payments via various different cards.
  • Budgeting and project projections – You don't only need to think of the now, you need to think of the future if you are to maximise profits and potential.
  • Management reporting with Key Performance Indicators – We'll help you to get to grips with your business's performance, ensuring future improvements.
  • Point of Sales systems – Manage your sales allowing for easy re-orders, analysis and more.
  • Stock control across multi outlets – By keeping track of stock and orders you can make sure you never run out of items. Nothing disappoints a customer more than knowingthe item they have ordered is actually out of stock.
  • Customer loyalty programmes– Customer loyalty is of paramount importance, especially in the fashion retail industry. We have various programmes to help you achieve this.
  • Sales discounts – Customers love a sale! We will carefully devise sales and discounts that will make you money.