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Health & Beauty Salons

We live in a day and age where beauty has never been more important and people are becoming increasingly conscious about their health. This can of course only be good news for this industry. However, there is no denying that competition is fierce and that repeat business is the most powerful tool for any health and beauty salon.

Through customer loyalty programmes, improved organisation and efficiency, we can help to ensure your customers keep coming back time and time again. We will also help you make better decisions to guarantee future growth and profit maximisation. Keep on reading to discover more about what we can do for you.

The benefits of our online accounting solutions for health and beauty salons

  • Booking and managing appointments – Managing appointments effectively is imperative for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our online system ensures ultimate organisation so you're customers are never kept waiting for too long.
  • Payroll – Our online accounts system gives you the chance to handle your employees' payroll electronically. Not only is this extremely easy, but also it guarantees that there are fewer margins for human error.
  • Cash flow forecasting – Failure to handle cash flow effectively can be extremely detrimental to business growth. We ensure you stay on top of your cash flow by managing your expenses, bills and daily finances as easily as possible.
  • Credit control – For ultimate financial security you need our credit control service.
  • Card payment facilities – Most customers will appreciate having the option to pay for their treatment via credit or debit card. All of the major cards are accepted with our card payment facilities.
  • Budgeting and profit projections – If you want to reach your full potential you certainly cannot stay in the here and now. If you are to maximise profits in the future you need to be ahead of the game, which is what budgeting and profit projections are all about.
  • Management reporting with Key Performance Indicators – We will help you to gain a competitive edge by measuring the implementation of your strategy so that you make better management decisions.