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Osteopaths and Chiropractors

As an osteopath or physiotherapist, your key focus will be delivering effective treatment to your clients. And that's a lot easier to do when you have a cloud-based business system to take care of your finances and the administrative running of the practice.

By combining Xero online accounting software with the Cliniko Xero Add, you have a one-stop solution to all your clinic's financial, business and admin needs.

Here's how it works…
Xero online accounting is the most convenient and efficient way to manage your finances.

You have 24/7 online access to your important numbers and a financial platform that integrates perfectly with your payment options.

Manage appointments, send reminders, record treatment notes and email online invoices to clients, with all your sales pulled into your Xero accounts.
Receipt Bank removes data entry time so your practice bookkeeping doesn't eat into treatment time.

It's a Xero App that smart-scans all your paperwork and receipts and pulls that data straight into your accounts. Giving you more face time with clients.
With Xero and Receipt Bank as your financial hub your books are always up to date.

See your running costs and revenues and get real control over your spending, income and cash-flow situation.
The easier you make it for your clients to pay their bill, the better your cash flow will be over time.

We help you integrate Xero Apps so you take card payments, or offer online payment options so clients settle their bill quickly.

Paying your business taxes is an inescapable part of running your clinic or healthcare practice.

With your data already in Xero, we can make sure you're paying the right tax and meeting your all of your compliance deadlines.

A better way to manage your clinic

Cliniko lets you run your healthcare business from the cloud – with all the advantages that online working bring to your clinic.
Cliniko brings all these features to your clinic:
  • 24/7 mobile access so you work from any device, at anytime, from anywhere with Wi-Fi
  • A secure way to access your appointments and client's treatment notes
  • Automated SMS text messages and emails to remind clients of appointments
  • Online invoicing of clients with full integration into your Xero accounting software.

Move to Xero and get 3 month’s bookkeeping for FREE

With Xero, Cliniko and a suite of bespoke Xero Apps, you're have an all-in-one system for running your healthcare business and solving your financial and admin challenges.

And you also get Bespoke Accounting's years of commercial and business experience to help tailor your business, streamline your financial management and improve the future success of your venture.

Move to Xero now and we'll give you three month's bookkeeping for FREE.

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