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Introducing the Bespoke Accounting Bookkeepers Club

I have often been told by bookkeepers that I meet that they currently only see the threats to their livelihood. The main threat is around technology and a strong feeling that desktop software will become redundant.

At the same time their client expectations are changing and moving away from the bookkeeper's traditional offering. It is certainly true that some micro-business owners are looking to do more themselves - and are finding it easier to do so.

There's still a bright future ahead for bookkeepers

But there are still many opportunities and bookkeeping doesn't need to suffer. Bookkeepers just need to know their market and attract the clients that value their skilled contribution. It is imperative for them to communicate to their clients the true value of using a qualified bookkeeper.

Although many bookkeepers may fear competition from firms of accountants, we understand the importance of working with qualified bookkeepers - whether they are internal to the business or external. With their clients under attack more than ever, we want to help bookkeepers to retain their existing relationship based clients whilst attracting new business in the future.

Help is at hand

For this reason, Bespoke Accounting is now offering a comprehensive support programme for qualified bookkeepers, both in practice and in industry. There are three levels of subscription offering a range of solutions to help bookkeepers to embrace the opportunities and protect themselves from the threats.

Subscriptions are payable monthly and can be cancelled after three months by giving a month's notice.
We ask you to commit to three months to give you every opportunity to get value from your membership.

All relationships are about trust and naturally we undertake not to compete with the bookkeepers joining our bookkeepers club. We will never contact your clients unless you ask us to and only with your express permission. As we get to know each other and develop mutual trust, there will hopefully be opportunities to work together.

If you have not yet moved your clients or your own business on to cloud based accounting software, we will help you to reap the rewards that it brings. We believe that Xero is the market leader and is at the core of our services.

You are invited to join our club.

Join the Bookkeepers Club today

Membership of the Bespoke Accounting Bookkeepers Club


£47 plus VAT per month
  • Xero online training
  • Xero support
  • Advice on Xero Apps


£97 plus VAT per month
  • Xero online training
  • Xero support
  • Advice on Xero Apps
  • Accounting, tax and company secretarial help line
  • One free company formation per year
  • Discounted company formations after the first one


£197 plus VAT per month
  • Xero online training
  • Xero support
  • Advice on Xero Apps
  • Accounting, tax and company secretarial help line
  • Free Incorporation Planning Reports for your sole traders and partnerships.
  • 5 free company formations per year
  • Discounted company formations after first five
  • Free Director's Remuneration Planning reports
  • Free Benchmarking reports
  • Free One Page Plans
  • Profit Improvement services at discounted rates
  • Webinar based mentoring group
  • Marketing advice to help you grow your business
With all of the support outlined above, you should no longer feel alone. In addition, there will be regular blogs and newsletters to keep you informed on issues that will help you to provide a world class service to your clients. Groups and forums will allow you to share ideas and problems with other bookkeepers in the Masters group.
N.B. Discount rates vary depending on membership level, type and volume of service.

For further information on joining the club: